Sid Lee Media - About

Creating transformative
media experiences

We are a fully integrated team obsessed with media performance and context, offering agility and solid buying power.
We deliver transformative media experiences through a media-agnostic approach.

─ Overview

Sid Lee Media creates vibrant growth platforms for its clients by combining the strengths of its three pillars : exposure, performance and context.

1. Exposure - We are attention-hungry
We bring together Sid Lee Media, Jimmy Lee,
and Sid Lee Media's Exposure Network.

2. Performance - We are data-hungry 
We understand business objectives and make them actionable. We then measure, test, and optimize.

3. Context - We are insight-hungry
We contextualize messages, segments,
and channels through a deep understanding
of consumer experiences.

─ Story

A one-stop shop integration between Sid Lee Media
and Sid Lee

─ Story

Sid Lee Media was created in 2015 in order
to bring to life CXM strategies. 

CXM (Consumer Experience Management)
is a consumer-centric way of creating the right
experience for the right people at the right time
and in the right context.

We needed a media team that embraced both the CXM philosophy and Sid Lee's Transformation Agenda. We therefore put together a team that has been working hand-in-hand with Sid Lee for years, bringing great agility and flexibility to optimize campaigns results.

This resulted in Sid Lee Media's full integration
with Sid Lee, making processes more agile,
creating vibrant growth platforms for clients,
and transforming consumer experiences
across all touch points.

─ Thinking

We are obsessed with media performance and context

─ Thinking

We think of media performance in terms
of calendar-driven media as well as data-driven media. We believe data will increasingly allow us
to advertise the right message to the right people,
at the right time, in the right context. We think relevance isn't just about insightful messaging anymore. Today, relevance is about reaching people in a context where they are open to receiving an insightful message.

We therefore think in terms of data
and optimization. We use data to think
how the consumer thinks by mapping experience paths. And if we don't get it fully right the first time,
we go beyond the traditional media frontier
and we optimize in real time to become more relevant and maximize every media dollar spent.

─ Services A media-agnostic approach for optimal results

─ Services

Sid Lee Media offers a wide array of services to create transformative media experiences.

Media planning & buying
Media strategy & planning, blocking chart,
media placement and negotiation, billing and administration, media efficiency report.

Media performance and data management 
Tactic qualification based on strategic objectives, report configuration and dashboarding, optimization reports, multichannel tracking strategies and tool integration, real-time data intelligence (DMS & DMP).

Create/optimize/manage campaigns, always-on optimization, reporting, acquisition management, billing and administration.

SEO analysis, on-site optimization, link building and ongoing optimization and organic results domination strategies.

Influencer outreach
Influencer programs (match making, market), native marketing, seeding.

Broadcast alliances
Content broadcasters & production partnerships.

─ Team

Management team

Sid Lee Media is a hyper dynamic team that believes in transformation or extinction. Together, we gather over 50 years of experience leading a wide variety
of media, analytics, and strategy teams that bring creative work to market.