We are a team obsessed
with media performance
and context, offering agility
and a mighty buying power

─ Approach

We don’t bring consumers into funnels. We accompany them throughout their experience paths.

1. We believe the less media interrupts people the better it performs

We believe in the power of context, where media can be part of people’s lives instead of interrupting them. We create campaigns that are highly relevant, human, and efficient because they combine data, context, and CXM. To achieve higher levels
of relevance, our campaigns are built on Media Experience Paths; a flowchart approach for high-performance media planning, which helps us map and understand the relationships between consumer motivations, media, and context.

2. We optimize everything we touch thanks to in-house integration

We are a fully integrated team that strives to optimize everything we touch. We optimize not only bought media budgets but also owned and earned media. Our agile processes deliver real-time optimized media by working hand-in-hand with
in-house creatives, brand strategists, digital tacticians, performance geeks, activation gurus, and production buffs. This results in contextual optimization of messages, segments, and channels.

3.We create media if it doesn’t yet exist

Our creativity has no limits. Should a partnership be the optimal solution, we will create it. When a brand can be another brand’s context and media, we will create partnerships between them to multiply their exposure while driving their costs down. Should a media not yet exist, we will create it. We curate Sid Lee Media’s Exposure Network
to catalyze digital PR, generate outreach, channel native and affinity content, and create events, activations, and customized broadcast alliances with Jimmy Lee.